Flood control

Flood-round-400sq.pngAs we have all learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, common-sense flood control that protects the people and homes in our area is vital to our future. As Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, I will continue to work to ensure that flood control and disaster recovery remain priorities for the future.

Border Security

border-round-400sq.pngI continue to work with Governor Abbott and my fellow legislators to ensure that our borders are secure, and that law enforcement has the tools and funds needed to protect the citizens of Texas. We have made much progress...but much remains to be done.

Tax cuts for Texas

tax-round-400sq.pngI am building on the work I have done over the past several years to reduce the tax burden on the people of Texas, while ensuring that our budget remains in balance. Part of our work as legislators is to ensure that every tax dollar that is spent benefits the people of Texas, and I pledge to continue to scrutinize our state budget, and eliminate wasteful and frivolous spending.

Safety and Security for the District

security-round-400sq.pngIt is a foundational principle of our nation that each of us should be safe and secure in our communities. Ensuring that our first responders are properly equipped to meet the needs of the community is one of my key priorities. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and am working to ensure that our rights -- and our abilities to defend ourselves when necessary -- are not eroded.