Zerwas-1003x564.jpgI'm John Zerwas, M.D., and I'm serving my sixth legislative term in the Texas House of Representatives. I proudly serve the citizens of Texas House District 28, which encompasses northwestern Fort Bend County and is currently one of the fastest growing regions in the State of Texas. I'd appreciate your support in my campaign for reelection as your State Representative.

Here's what I've been doing for you:

Fighting Obamacare

I've fought to block the implementation of Obamacare in Texas, and to protect each patient's right to be free from government intrusion. I support free markets and insurance reform to drive down health care costs; The Texas Medical Association has recognized me as a "Friend of Medicine."

Securing the Border

I understand the negative impacts of illegal immigration on the Texas economy and I have made securing the border one of my top priorities: I supported legislation to put more state troopers and more technology on the border, providing $800 million in new funding for border security. I co-authored legislation which would have prohibited "sanctuary cities" in Texas.

Protecting our Elections

I helped pass Texas' voter ID law, which helped to maintain the integrity of the electoral process in Texas.

Improving Education

I maintained my commitment to Texas students by adding an additional $1.5 billion for public education, and by supporting legislation that reduced the number of standardized tests. I fought to bring a University of Houston campus to Katy and led the successful effort to bring a Texas State Technical College campus to Fort Bend county.

Passing Tax Cuts

I supported legislation that increased the homestead exemption and will bring Texas homeowners a $1.2 billion tax cut. I supported a reduction in the business margins tax, which will bring Texas businesses a $2.6 billion tax cut.

Protecting Our Rights and Freedoms

I supported legislation that protects pastors who refuse to perform same-sex marriages, and I supported prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools. I supported open-carry legislation, I strongly support the Second Amendment, and I am a proud member of the Texas State Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association.

Defending Pro-Life Values

I supported legislation that defunded Planned Parenthood, and Texas Alliance for Life endorsed me and named me a "Courageous Defender of Life."

John-ZerwasWhen you return me to the Texas House of Representatives, I pledge myself to continue this record of accomplishment in service to you, the people of District 28, and to all the people of Texas.